Carebios appliances ensure safe storage of pharmaceuticals and research materials

Our hopes rest on a number of new vaccines to carry us through the corona pandemic. To ensure safe storage of the sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals and research materials high-performance fridges and freezers are essential. Carebios Appliances offers the full product range for refrigeration. Pharmacy fridges provide refrigeration at +5 degrees, laboratory freezers at -20 degrees Celsius.


High-quality specimens and sensitive medications are stored safely at all times in Carebios pharmacy fridges.
A visual and acoustic warning system alerts the user in case of temperature deviations

For many years Carebios-Appliances has also been developing and producing appliances for the Scientific & Health Care sector. The specific challenge in this case is the proper and long-term storage of temperature-sensitive materials. Vaccines in particular rapidly become unusable if not stored under the perfect conditions. Vaccine storage requires a reduction in cell activity and this, in turn, requires certain temperatures. All Carebios appliances are able to fully document that the temperatures required for each vaccine have been reliably maintained. Features including integrated safety systems such as optical and audible alarms and extensive interfaces for forwarding alarms also ensure the safety of the valuable goods being stored.

The US company Moderna has announced that its vaccine mRNA-1273 can be stored longterm at -20 degrees Celsius. Carebios’s laboratory freezers are designed for this purpose and can be adapted to individual temperature and safety requirements.

Pharmacy fridges: as versatile as they are precise

The product range includes pharmacy fridges. In pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals, these appliances offer the professional solution for the safe storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals needing refrigeration at temperatures between +2 degrees Celsius and +8 degrees Celsius. Carebios has been producing pharmacy fridges for more than ten years, with extensive experience in this sector. A wide variety of specimens, samples and sensitive pharmaceuticals can be stored in the refrigerators. Precision electronic controllers combined with highly effective insulation, the optimized dynamic cooling system and the careful processing ensures that safety is maintained.

The product range offers the right solution for every requirement. The pharmacy fridges are available in four basic models – each with a solid door or glass door. The glass door provides a particular advantage. It gives you an overview before you even open it, which means the door only needs to be opened for a short time. This ensures that precise regulation with an extremely flat temperature curve is not interrupted.

Laboratory refrigerators: maximum safety for highly sensitive substances

Laboratories are also dependent on the reliable storage of sensitive substances. For twelve years now Carebios has been offering specialised laboratory refrigerators allowing highly sensitive or even flammable substances to be stored safely. Innovative cooling technologies and smart functions ensure optimum storage conditions at constant temperatures. The targeted airflow in the appliance distributes the cold air evenly and maintains a constant temperature. In the event of deviations, a visual and acoustic warning system alerts the user in good time so that no damage can occur. The optionally expandable Smart Monitoring provides even more precise control and therefore maximum safety during storage. The laboratory refrigerators can also be integrated into existing monitoring solutions, thus helping to maintain the cold chain.

The range of laboratory refrigerators includes models for every purpose. The large-volume appliances with stainless steel interior containers are particularly suitable for the long-term storage of large amounts of sensitive substances.

Post time: Jan-21-2022